One Point Design Consulting Services is established with a vision and focus on “Sustainable Architecture” with value added through my prior experience of managing over 50 million Sqft of space in design.

These projects include a wide variety which includes new construction and alterations, public and private sector, commercial and residential.

Additionally, my background from the less traditional roles in consulting and in building code reviews allows me to integrate these skills effectively with a great acumen of increasing project efficiency.

We believe that serving a client’s needs properly require much more than providing traditional architectural services.

We believe in involving the Client, the engineering disciplines, the Contractor, Using Agency, and all stakeholders to identify all the project requirements before beginning the design.

Additionally, One Point Design embraces the digital age in the way it executes design and production and monitors design conformance.

Being a small and a nimble organization that has teaming capabilities with other many other companies, we do much of our work remotely and intelligently.

We use technology to share files off so that geography is not a factor. This keeps our fixed overhead costs down, allowing us to pass the savings on to our Clients.

Neeraj Mishra


One Point Design