Low Techniques Development Techniques

Urbanization increases storm-water issues, this causes harm to receiving waters.

Low impact development techniques reduce the impacts of urbanization by minimizing runoff, promoting infiltration and removing pollutants.

For the past two decades, the environmental protection rate of land development has been twice the rate of population growth.

For that reason, cities continue to implement water quality protection strategies.

Different stormwater solutions are used at different scales to provide local water-bodies the greatest degree of protection.

A variety of low impact development techniques are implemented:

  1. Comprehensive landscape-base approach to sustainable development

  2. Set of strategies to maintain existing natural systems, hydrology, ecology

  3. Cost-effective, flexible approach based on toolkits of simple techniques

  4. Collection of practices used worldwide

LID can be simple and effective. Instead of solely on complex and collection, conveyance, storage and treatment systems.

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