Thought on mitigation measures on migration of labourers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused ongoing labour migration/mobilization issues. Each state is facing migration of labours, the analysis on reasons which are causing the migration of labours are under introspection.

However, the construction industry has to focus on few mitigation measures to retain labours on site.

Thoughts on mitigation of labour migration:

  • The duties of employers/contractors are must during this crisis and each employer must promise to pay its workers during the period on which activities are suspended.

  • The understanding of family, accommodation issues has to be made priority by employers. The employers has to be involved in maintenance and care of families of labourers through CSR activities and other engagements.

  • There should be on-site food arrangements done for labourers and families.

  • The labourers should be provided with assurance of savings.

Few measures have to made imperative for retention of labours to mitigate the migration issues and save timelines delays which will further affect the home buyers.

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