Technological Enhancement in the Construction Sector India

Technological enhancement in the construction sector India is critical and need of the hour.

Improvements are continuing in checking the interfaces between standard systems, such as between mechanical and structural systems or between electrical and plumbing systems, including the use of expert systems in limited ways.

Closer coordination at these interfaces reduces the risk of overruns in construction cost and increases the reliability of the construction process.

Technological enhancement brings significant changes in aesthetic sense. It is reshaping the construction industry.

New trend towards safety could have a strong impact on the construction industry.

With VR, workers could get exposure to environments such as confined spaces or working at height in a safe, controlled environment.

Autonomous heavy equipment, using similar technology for self-driving cars, is currently being used on job-sites to perform excavation, grading, and site-work.

Smartphones and mobile apps have made communication and collaboration on projects easier.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that incorporates digital representations of buildings in 3D models to facilitate implementing construction technology.

*picture courtesy google images.